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Why I'm researching neighborhood history

     My husband and I moved to Independence Beach in 2000. As I got to know my neighbors, particularly the long-time residents, I heard many stories about our neighborhood's unique history.

     I'm creating this website to preserve as much of the history as I can, before it's forgotten. The website is a work-in-progress. I'm planning to continue my research and add additional content over time. 

     If you have any information about our history, or know any stories, or have photos or maps of interest, please contact me. And if there's someone you think I should interview, please let me know. My email address is

     — Robin Reid

What makes Independence Beach special?

     Very few neighborhoods have the variety of residents and housing we have here. Residents range from young couples with children, to career couples and empty nesters, to long-time resident elderly seniors. Housing varies from converted fishing cabins to big new homes on the lake, and everything in-between – split levels, ranch homes, contemporary, and more. This variety gives Independence Beach a unique identity. And the fact that we all live happily side-by-side, regardless of age, income and lifestyle, is what makes us special.

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