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The Resort Years

Family Cabins
Malchow family cabin
Classified ad, Minneapolis Star, May 29, 1941
Family cabin formerly at 2884 Lakeshore Ave. Photo shows view of side facing Brook Street. The cabin was torn down around 2002-03.

     In addition to the resort cottages, there were also many family cabins on the residential lots. Most of the cabins were only used from spring to fall, on weekends and holidays. They were not insulated and did not have heating stoves. After World War II there was housing shortage, so some of the family cabins were adapted for year-round use. 

     The Malchow family cabin is one example of a family weekend cabin. During WWII, Joe and Fran Malchow bought a lakeshore property for $500. Because of war shortages, they couldn’t buy lumber so they bought a barn in Corcoran, tore it down, and used the wood to build the cabin.

     The 20 ft x 30 ft cabin was typical of the weekend cabins at that time, consisting of a bedroom, a small living room and kitchenette and a porch. When the cabin was not in use it was protected by a striped roll-down awning. There was no running water; the family brought gallon jugs of water with them when they came out to the cabin. There was no plumbing, just an outhouse and a slop bucket under the sink.

     In 1983, Joe Malchow, the original owners' grandson, bought the cabin and converted it for year-round use. In 1995, Joe and Darcy built their current home (3087 Lakeshore Ave.) on the property. Like many of the houses in Independence Beach, their house was built around the original cabin.

     After the Pieper brothers sold Pieper's Resort and the farm, their sister Johanna and her husband purchased a piece of lakeshore property at the foot of Brook Street for a family cottage. The cottage was inherited by Caroline Brede, the daughter of Johanna Pieper Brede. Caroline left the cottage to Erna Bachtold, a family friend. The cottage has been renovated and is now owned by Helen Bachtold (2929 Lakeshore Ave.) and her sister, Carolyn. 

Helen Bachtold's renovated cottage, originally owned by the Pieper family, after they sold the resort.
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