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From Cabins to Homes

A Resort, a Tavern and a Dance Hall
Winter's Destruction

     In the mid-50’s, Lake Independence was lower than it is now and there was sandy beach along the shoreline. But in the late 50’s the water level rose and the beaches started disappearing. In or around 1959, there was heavy rain in the fall. Glampe’s resort had cabins sitting along the lakeshore and as the water rose, the cabins were sitting in about a foot of water. 

     Larry Schnaus (2841 Ardmore Ave) remembers that winter:

“One afternoon we had high winds coming from the west. The water level was so high, I remember looking out a window watching the waves coming right across Lakeshore Avenue. It was amazing to see white caps rolling across the road ending in our backyard. 

     The water level did not drop down quickly. By the time winter freeze up came all four cabins were captured in an icy death grip. The cabins each had three rooms. A screen porch on the lake side, center room was bedroom/living room and the front room was a small kitchen. Frozen into the lake, they began to pull apart from the shifting sheets of ice. By spring the four cabins were in a bad state of repair. All three rooms had separated. My parents purchased cabin #4 and relocated it to a higher location on our lake shore. It stands in that location to this day, saved from the high waters of the lake.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This account is based on information provided by Larry Schanus and Sandy Glampe Kath.

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