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From Cabins to Homes

A Resort, a Tavern and a Dance Hall
Lakeview Pavilion

Wilson’s Resort was sold and was operated as a roller skating rink for a couple of years in the early 50’s. Skaters would rent skates that clamped onto their shoes.


Then the dance hall was re-opened as Lakeview Pavilion. There were still a couple of rental cabins but Lakeview was primarily a dance hall. Lakeview was a popular destination, with cars parked up and down Lakeshore Avenue. "No Parking" signs near the dance hall were frequently ignored. 


On December 5, 1953, the Hennepin County sheriff staged a Saturday night raid on the business after receiving numerous complaints from Independence Beach residents about under-age drinking. The owner, Richard Day, who was only 29 years old, was charged with allowing minors to linger in a beer tavern, and the bartender was charged with selling 3.2 beer to minors. We can only imagine the raucous Saturday nights here on Lakeshore Avenue in those days!

Lakeview changed hands several times and very little information is available. In the mid- to late 50's the owner were John and Hattie Booth. Sometime around 1971 the building was badly damaged by fire and never rebuilt. In 1972 and 1973, City official wrote the owner, Jerry Zaffke, several letters asking that the structure be torn down because it was a neighborhood hazard. Eventually it was torn down. 


Editor's Note: I have been unable to locate any photos of Lakeview Pavilion. If you have a photo or know of someone who might have a photo, please email me:

Tavern Raid.png

Credit: Minneapolis Morning Tribune,

December 7, 1953

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